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Anyway I wanna buy Kyoukai no Kanata Official Fanbook, but is it worth to buy? is there some artwork that aren’t in internet? I mean I love the artwork so if there’s many artwork on it I wanna buy it, if not I think I’ll buy the 2015 Calendar Brothers ver, if someone already buy it can you tell me about the fanbook?

【京アニショップ!2015年カレンダー⑤】 「境界の彼方」【Brothers】表紙公開!大人の男性の雰囲気漂う秋人と博臣が描かれたB2ポスターカレンダー!予約受付は9月10日(水)18時開始!


I did it
…..I’m not sorry

Imouto saikou!

What if Hiroomi become an Idol xD

Happy Birthday Onii-chan!

I can no longer leave you alone, we’re taking you with us. Just to be clear, I won’t allow you to attack the next time. I will become as strong as my sister. I will protect you.  

Nase Hiromi || Episode 0


OLDCODEX 9th Single 「Dried Up Youthful Fame」 (x)